Mike Vanderjagt Might Have Choked A Kid

Once the NFL’s most accurate kicker (he went the entire 2003 season, including the playoffs, without missing a kick), Mike Vanderjagt has fallen from grace. And he’s fallen hard.

The former Indianapolis Colt (Vanderjagt also played football for the CFL’s Toronto Argonauts) who publicly criticized quarterback Peyton Manning (who returned fire by calling him “liquored up“) is currently employed at a pizza restaurant in Marco Island, Florida. He also works part-time as a soccer coach at a middle school nearby (kicking a football and coaching soccer… makes sense, I suppose). At least, he worked there until recently.

According to rumors that have just emerged, Vanderjagt got into an altercation with a student at the school where he coaches soccer. Reportedly, a student was taunting him by saying “wide left” repeatedly–a reference to a crucial missed kick that Vanderjagt once made in a playoff game as a member of the Colts (the kid actually got it wrong; the kick was wide right).

Vanderjagt allegedly became enraged at the taunting and grabbed the student by the throat, choking him and swearing at him.

Vanderjagt told police that he simply placed his hand on the student’s shoulder. He said that the student had been mocking him for months and he had simply had enough.

The state attorney became involved in the case. Ultimately, it was determined that no charges would be filed. Vanderjagt is suspended from coaching soccer and he has reportedly apologized for the incident.

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