Donald Trump Wants To Be Vice President, Is Still Delusional (VIDEO)

Earlier this week, Donald Trump took to his Twitter account to pretty much beg to be allowed to speak at the Republican National Convention (or, as he called it, the Republican National Convention Convention). At the time, we all had a laugh because there is no way the GOP lets him anywhere near that event. He is political poison and there is only one person in America (Trump himself) who doesn’t see it.

Rather than back down from his request, Trump has decided to step up his (hopeless) hopes considerably. Now, he says he wants to be Vice President.

When asked to name a few potential candidates to be Mitt Romney’s partner on the Republican ticket, Trump said that he would be the “best choice of all” for the role. Have a look:

Trump, of course, has no chance of getting anywhere near his party’s ticket. Sadly, though, this probably won’t be the last we hear from him on the topic. He’s nothing if not an undeterred salesman and the media loves to run with stories like this (I’m including myself in this). So, stay tuned for footage of the next delusional thing The Donald says.

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