Will Smith Slaps Reporter Who Tries To Kiss Him (VIDEO)

In Soviet Russia, reporter kisses YOU!

Okay, that was probably the worst opening line I have ever written. But I have to hit a minimum word count in these articles and this one is going to be very hard to stretch out. This is a story that involves Will Smith slapping a foreign reporter who tried to kiss him. It does not include anything else. If you are the kind of person who wants to watch Will Smith slap a man, then this is the story for you. If not, I suggest you move on.

Here’s what we know about the video below: it took place in Moscow, Russia at the premiere of Men In Black III. A Ukrainian reporter tried to get too close to Will Smith and got slapped as a result. Smith tried to laugh off the whole thing, but he was clearly very skeeved out.

Take a look:

The reporter is rumored to be Vitalii Sediuk, a man with a history of going too far with celebrities. In the past, he gave Madonna a bouquet of hydrangeas, Madonna’s least favorite flower.

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