Watch This Skydiver Land Without A Parachute (And Without Dying)

Skydiver Gary Connery pulled off a difficult feat recently. So difficult, in fact, that he is the first person to ever do it (on purpose, at least).

Connery jumped out of a helicopter, flying at an altitude of 2,400 feet, without a parachute. Instead, he was wearing a specially designed wing suit, which allowed him to control his descent. He plummeted for nearly a minutes and then landed on a pile of nearly 20,000 cardboard boxes. He did not die. In fact, he was just fine.

Once again, he jumped out of a helicopter flying almost half a mile up in the air and landed on the ground without dying.

“My calculations obviously worked out and I’m glad they did,” said Connery after landing.

Scientists are reportedly still trying to figure out how the weight of Connery’s massive balls didn’t drag him down to earth at such a force that he cracked the surface of the planet.

Seriously, though, Connery is very adept at using the wing suit. Mere seconds before he hit the ground, he adjusted his flight angle to slow his descent and make sure that he hit his target correctly.

Check out video of the jump below:

And some photos of the whole thing:

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