Men Try, Fail To Rob The Bellagio

This was a crime that lacked all the ingenuity of the casino robberies you see in Hollywood movies like Ocean’s Eleven (and Twelve and Thirteen). It was little more than a high-stakes snatch and grab. And it was a big failure.

At about 10:45 on Saturday night, two men, disguised by wigs and sunglasses and armed with pepper spray, entered the Bellagio in Las Vegas. They quickly made their way to the games tables, where they attempted to grab over $100,000 worth of casino chips and run out the door.

Unsurprisingly, Bellagio security foiled the poorly-conceived plan. Did the two men really think that a casino with as much wealth as the Bellagio would just let them grab the goods and leave?

Witnesses said that they thought the robbery was an elaborate prank. The pepper spray wielded by the robbers malfunctioned, making them seem even more hapless than they really are.

“The guy kept spraying and the thing wouldn’t work,” said an eyewitness “The spray kept falling on the table.”

Eventually, the two criminals did get their pepper spray canisters to work and they used them against the dealer and casino guests playing at the table they attempted to rob. By then, however, security was aware of the incident and was converging.

Security captured one of the criminals, 24 year-old Michael Quinn Belton of Nuevo, CA, and all of the stolen chips. Quinn’s accomplice escaped and remains at large.

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2 Responses to Men Try, Fail To Rob The Bellagio

  1. Raymond Torres says:

    what a dumb stupid person

    • Katherine Laury says:

      Good afternoon, Mr. Torres. I don’t mean to take up your time, but I came to the Bellagio once for an interview for the Human Resources Assistant position. I spoke with you for a brief moment, unfortunately. Hopefully, you’re the same gentleman. I actually wanted to thank you for your help with the directions inside the casino and for calling the human resources manager to confirm that I made it to the office. If possible, could you email me at Please forgive me for not directly commenting on the article. After reading about the robbery, I do agree with you. The gentle does seem to be pretty stupid. I hope I don’t sound a bit too forward. But I would really appreciate hearing from you.