New Bond Girl Berenice Marlohe Says Movie Will Be “The Best Bond Ever”

New Bond girl Berenice Marlohe has wasted no time in setting the expectations for Skyfall, the upcoming twenty-third movie in the Bond series, impossibly high.

Specifically, Marlohe has described the film, which once again stars Daniel Craig as the famed agent 007, as “one of the better, if not the best Bond ever.” That’s bold.

“Fans really can expect all the key ingredients that have made this franchise last for 50 years. Action, sense of humor, the characters are very high in colors,” the French actress added.

Marlohe plays a character named Sévérine in Skyfall. Few details have leaked about the role her character will play in the film’s plot, but it’s a safe bet that she’ll wear revealing clothing and look ravishingly beautiful.

The trailer for Skyfall was just released. You can check it out here. The film hits theaters on November 9.

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