A Man Went Over Niagara Falls Yesterday And Somehow Lived

A man who went over Niagara Falls yesterday–and survived–is only the fourth person to ever do so, say officials. The man is estimated to be in his 40s. He plunged 180 feet without any protective devices and managed to live to tell the tale. It is believed that he escaped death because he managed to land in an eddy. If he had landed in the main current, as most who go over the falls do, he would almost certainly be dead.

The man has not been identified at this point, as authorities are still investigating what happened. It appears that the man climbed over a retaining wall on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls and and jumped into the Niagara River, which swept him over the Horseshoe Falls (the more dangerous of the waterfalls on site).

The man was hurt as he plunged into the rocky water at the bottom of the falls. He reportedly sustained broken ribs, a collapsed lung and various deep gashes to his torse and head. He was rescued near the edge of the water, reportedly in very rough shape. He was taken to Hamilton General Hospital, about an hour from the falls, and remains there today.

Police believe that it was a failed suicide attempt.

Today, another man reportedly went over the falls. This time, it was the less dangerous (though still potentially deadly) American side of  Niagara Falls.

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