Jackie Chan Retires From Action, Saying He’s Too Old For Stunts In Today’s “Violent” World

So long to the greatest stunt man who ever lived, bar none.

At the Cannes, Jackie Chan announced his retirement from the action film world. At age 58, he said that he feels “really tired” after decades of putting his body through some of the most dangerous, gruelling stunts ever conceived.

Chan promised that his newest film, Chinese Zodiac, will be his last action movie. Coincidentally, it’s the 100th film of his prolific career.

“The world is too violent right now,” Chan said. “It’s a dilemma – I like action but I don’t like violence.”

Chan stressed that he’s not leaving the film industry altogether. He plans to continue acting–it’s just that he will no longer perform stunts.

Chan has been performing onscreen since the 1960s and he’s known for always doing his own stunts. Fans of action movies have hailed him as the greatest stunt-performer ever. After watching the video below, it’s not hard to see why:

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4 Responses to Jackie Chan Retires From Action, Saying He’s Too Old For Stunts In Today’s “Violent” World

  1. Wael AL-Abri says:

    Gee! So that means that we won’t see him again in new movies (except for other TV shows or new maybe) anymore! I did liked his movies.

    • He isn’t retiring completely, just from action and stunts since he is aging. He will still be in movies that are more on acting than action, and he will still be directing and producing films himself. And his last action movie that he will be in sounded a lot like his cartoon show, from another article I read.

  2. I am agree…You don’t have to retire right away, you can be leader on the movies or Sifu for KungFu. good luck !

  3. Andrew Dasz says:

    I was work with Jackie Chan in his last film…
    Him is a great director & actor.