Conan and Letterman Join Forces To Trash Leno (VIDEO)

It’s always a bit weird when a talk show host guests on another talk show. Finding a common enemy to ruthlessly trash can help ease the tension.

Last night, Conan O’Brien was a guest on the Late Show with David Letterman and the two late night legends took turns sharing stories about how Jay Leno screwed them over. At at least one point in each of their careers, NBC chose to go with Jay Leno instead of one of them as the host of the Tonight Show.

As they sat down, Conan and Letterman just sat there in knowing silence as the awkwardness (and laughs) piled up. Letterman finally broke the silence with the perfect line:

“The longer we sit here, the more uncomfortable it’ll make Jay.”

Letterman and O’Brien  then went one to take more shots at Leno, with Dave doing most of the heavy lifting. Conan once again told the story about his departure from NBC (it might be time to move on), but refused to completely trash the man who took his spot.

The appearance marked the first time O’Brien has been featured as a guest on the Late Show in over a decade.

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