Tampa Bay Rays Fan Faceplants Onto Field, Gets Kicked Out Of Game (VIDEO)

As the commentator in this video says, this is a grown man and it’s just a baseball.

Apparently the prospect of collecting a free baseball was just too much for this fan to pass up. At last night’s game between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Boston Red Sox, the guy in the video below makes damn sure that he gets his hands on the foul ball that’s headed his way. In the process, he drops all his possessions, faceplants on the field in front of thousands (and hundreds of thousands more on television) and gets kicked out of the stadium. Was it worth it?

Take a look at this dingus:

If you enter the field of play at a Major League Baseball game, even if it’s by accident, security escorts you out of the stadium. As the commentator in the video says, there’s a good chance this guy had to give back the baseball that he grabbed. Maybe the security guys had mercy on him and let him keep it, though. He clearly had already suffered enough.

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