New York Rangers Forward Brad Richards Gave Two Sh*ts In Game One (FUNNY PHOTO)

You know the phrase “I don’t give two sh*ts”? That doesn’t apply to New York Rangers center and assistant captain, Brad Richards.

In game one of his team’s Eastern Conference championship series against the New Jersey Devils, which the Rangers won 3-0, Richards gave exactly two sh*ts. At least, that’s what he did if the television graphic on the right is to be believed. It has the correct statistics regarding Richards’ ice time and faceoff wins, so it seems to check out. Still, seems like an odd statistic to put on TV…

The graphic, of course, is supposed to display Richards’ hits during the game. It’s an unfortunate typo that hopefully didn’t get anyone fired. The NHL playoffs can get a little intense at times and some levity is appreciated.

Game two of the Rangers-Devils series goes tonight. All of the Devils will have to give at least two sh*ts (and maybe even three or four) if they want to avoid going down 2-0 in the series.

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