It Turns Out That Skechers Don’t Tone Your Butt After All

The federal government doesn’t believe that Skechers shoes can turn your butt into a tight, toned thing of beauty. In fact, the feds are so sure that Skechers misled consumers that they have ordered the company to pay $40 million as punishment for false advertising.

The shoes in question are Skechers Shape-ups and feature a curved “rocker” bottom. They are produced by Skechers USA Inc. and were marketed with the implication that simply wearing them and walking around would tone your legs and butt and even help you lose weight. According to the Federal Trade Commission, those claims are false.

Though the rolling bottom of Shape-ups does provide instability to the wearer, the claim made by Skechers that the shoes would increase “muscle activation” (whatever that means) by as much as 85 percent was deemed to be misleading. Other claims, including “Shape Up While You Walk,” and “Get in Shape without Setting Foot in a Gym,” were also determined to be false advertising.

Wait… wearing shoes with a slightly rounded bottom doesn’t transform your droppy butt into a tight, perky and luscious ass? You don’t say! Simply wearing a pair of shoes isn’t a good replacement for real exercise? Impossible!

Skechers will pay a reported $40 million in customer refunds. If you bought Skechers between 2008 and 2011, you may be eligible to get some of that money.

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