Micaela Schaefer Was Pretty Much Nude At The Men In Black 3 Premiere (PHOTOS)

Micaela Schaefer is a German model who likes to grab headlines as much as she dislikes clothing. At the Men In Black 3 premiere, she showed up in one of the skimpiest outfits you’ll ever see on a red carpet. Seriously, her dress would have been indecent in a softcore porn film. You could see pretty much everything, to the point that it was actually kind of gross.

Her dress (if you can call it that) was made out of a material that some have described as electrical tape. To me, it looks more like the tape that was inside old VHS tapes. But I’m old, so I know what VHS tapes are.

Schaefer’s ridiculously huge, ridiculously surgically-altered breasts were on display, as was her butt. She might argue that it was a windy day and she never intended to show off so much of her anatomy, but don’t believe her. She knew very well what she was doing.

Pics below:

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4 Responses to Micaela Schaefer Was Pretty Much Nude At The Men In Black 3 Premiere (PHOTOS)

  1. That’s so NO there is nothing YES about it. Even the shoes…do the platforms really need their own platforms? I need some Visine now.

  2. Enrique Pena Nieto says:

    I dont like her fake boobs

  3. I suddenly feel the urge the play some basketball. Oh look, that crypt keeper cheerleader wearing the pom poms is holding them for us!

  4. Micaela Schaefer has a gorgeous body. What’s wrong with her showing it off? The female body is beautiful. I love looking at female perfection. Anybody who objects to this is either a jealous female or playing for the “other” team!