Lazy Person’s Guide To Burning Calories (INFOGRAPHIC)

Hacks and shortcuts are the key to happiness. If you’ve ever watched an old person type into the Google search bar, you know exactly what I mean. It’s infuriating.

But, are there any life hacks you can use to actually get in shape? I’m not talking about some work smarter, not harder garbage–that still involves the word work. I’m talking about legitimate methods of getting in shape by doing stuff a lazy person would do.

As you might have guessed, there isn’t a way to sit on your couch all day and end up looking like a bodybuilder. There are some everyday things you can do that are good for your health, though. These are things that you would probably do anyhow, so you might as well feel good about how many calories you’re burning by doing them.

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9 Responses to Lazy Person’s Guide To Burning Calories (INFOGRAPHIC)

  1. you are not lazy if you do all activities mentioned above.

  2. Charlie Rein says:

    Just keep moving

  3. Sandor Benko says:

    Good ideas, thanks. I’ll start with the “eat breakfast” part. 😉

  4. Roger Anderson (roger@curbyscloset) says:

    I can do these – I do do these – i still have to do more

  5. Jennifer M Davis says:

    Great ideas!

  6. Nice things to know! The information is provided quickly and clearly. I really like this page! The artwork is fantastic too…

  7. fatfriaruk says:

    great infographic thanks 🙂

  8. DonnaJeane says:

    great, I like the laughing!!!

  9. In order words just be active and you keep burning the calories. Wow!