NFL Star Takes Teenager To Her Prom… In His Lamborghini

An 18-year-old from Ohio joined the growing trend of asking a celebrity to the prom–and she got the answer she wanted. She also got the experience of a lifetime, beginning with the moment her date arrived to pick her up.

Joyce Grendel is a senior at Independence High School in Independence, Ohio. She says that her prom date bailed on her at the last minute, so she reached out on Twitter to Cleveland Browns cornerback Joe Haden to ask if he would step up to take her. Somewhat amazingly, Haden responded and said that he would.

Haden never got to attend his own senior prom and he admitted to being nervous about attending this one. “I am nervous, too,” he said. “I feel this is very legit, like I was getting ready, ‘Does this look cool?’ when I’m getting ready. I feel like I’m very legit. This is my prom, too.”

Haden signed a contract worth $50 million over five years after he was drafted by the Browns out of the University of Florida, so he could certainly afford a nice limousine for the event. He eschewed that tradition, however, and showed up to meet his date driving his white Lamborghini.

Haden and Grendel were familiar with each other prior to her reaching out on Twitter. Grendel is a member of the “Haden Nation” fan club and, according to Haden, she shows up to all his autograph signigns and “tweets [him] a lot.”

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34 Responses to NFL Star Takes Teenager To Her Prom… In His Lamborghini

  1. Mr. Haden, this was a very sweet thing you did…Bless you…

  2. MeChonda Trent says:

    This was an amazing thing to do for someone. You are now on my radar 😉

  3. Niccole Jones says:

    It’s always a blessing to be a blessing to someone else. What an inspiring story?

  4. There are a Few Good Men left. <3

  5. Wow!!!! That was Lovely!!! Finally something positive being reported!!!

  6. my you keep being a blessing to someone else in life and your blessings will keep on coming bro much love … at times in life i wish i can do more for my kids and other folks so keep up the good work…

  7. Carol Hicks says:

    Mr. Haden, I don’t usually write a reply on these story but I think that was so nice of you to do that. God bless you for it.

  8. Casondra W. says:

    As I sit here & read the story, tears well up in my eyes; just awesome! A very centered young man. He just gained a fan

  9. Denise V Duncan says:

    May God continue to bless Joe for his sweet act of kindness!!! 🙂

  10. That’s was a nice do for that girl.God will bless you for your helpful things.

  11. It’s great to know that there are still some nice guys left in pro sports. Mr Haden I am now a fan of yours. This was a wonderful and selfless act on your part. Look at the smile you put on that young lady’s face. Thank you Sir.

  12. I never heard of you before this article, but I will definitely remember your name because of this very caring, down-to-earth, and sweet gesture you modeled. Continue to live loved and blessed young man.

  13. Very very cool! Says quite a bit about just being down to earth and appreciating the journey. You will go far Mr. Haden…mark my words….much love!

  14. I posted this on my Facebook, and I agree with those of you who never heard of Joe Haden, but sure as hell will follow him now!!!

    I hope he has a break out season and his good example resonates with young men everywhere, Kindness and class and world class talent? Amazing Joe Haden!!!

  15. Darlene Breaux says:

    God will continue blessing you because of your kindness. There are good men out there. I will keep an eye out on you for football season. Great story !!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Elizabeth Crawford says:

    How incredibly selfless of you. You are a hero. Kudos!!

  17. I wasn’t a fan before but i am now. way to pay it forward Joe!

  18. motorfingaz says:


  19. One word describes Joe Haden as it relates to this situation…CLASS! Either u have it or u don’t & he showed it here. Kudos to him & to Joyce Grendel as well for having the courage & confidence to reach out to him.

  20. Cynthia Dubose says:

    That was a wonderful thing that you did for this young lady, may God continue 2 Bless you!!!

  21. That was a very noble thing you did. I hope the guy that bailed on her at the last minute saw her and had egg on his face. I didn’t know you before but I will definitely be on the look out or you when yall are playing and I’m not watching my Cowboys playing.

  22. It was a beautiful thing you did Joe, may God bless you.
    I’m a fan of yours now, even though I love my NY Giants, good luck on the upcoming season.

  23. Well done Mr Joe Haden

  24. Marcie Johnson says:

    Absolutely love it…….Thank you Mr.Mrs.Baden for giving the world an opportunity to know such a considerate man…And guys take heed ….This is what a real man does…God Bless..

  25. That is so very wonderful! God’s continued blessings to him!

  26. This is positive across the board. Job very well done. The two look absolutely . What a night to remember.

  27. KUDOS.. U the man… U have time to share without a catch
    .. U are commended n hope u njoid the prom as much as she did!!! Thanks for steppn out again U DA MAN<3

  28. txk Big Poppa says:

    Dude, you earned some MAJOR cool points with that move! That’s an experience that kid and the other kids attending that prom will never forget. Hopefully you set an example for them on how they can be a blessing to others. Maybe someday many of them will pay it forward.

  29. This is what you call a real man. Hats off to you Mr. Haden, you made a girls dream come true. This is a moment that she will remember for the rest of her life and a story that she will be able to share with her kids. If this world only had more men like you (with a heart) and willing to step out of his comfort zone to put a smile on someones face!! This is truly a Cinderella story 🙂

  30. OMG how you will be blessed because of your kind heart and you actually taking out the time to make this young lady’s dream come true. You are humble and before this I did not know who you where except for seeing your face on tv a few times but you have gained a fan seriously. So many more people need to take heed of the act of kindness you have done. Congradulations on making her night a beautiful one and also for attending your first prom also…Kudos

  31. I totally agree with everything that everyone has said. Wow, what character. Says a lot for your upbringing. I wish you an awesome season and will definitely be rooting for you and my Redskins. You made this Grandma’s day. Sharing this story with my family and friends.