JJ Abrams’ “Revolution” Looks Good In Concept, Bad In Execution (TRAILER)

NBC has announced many of the shows that will fill its fall schedule and one that many viewers are looking forward to is Revolution, the latest sci-fi drama from Lost creator JJ Abrams.

The pilot episode of the show was directed by Iron Man director Jon Favreau and it features prominently in the trailer that was just released (and is embedded above). In the trailer, we learn that all electronic devices on earth (including batteries, somehow) stop working and society pretty much collapses as a result. Within years, the world is controlled by militias and warlords. This doesn’t stop everyone from looking very handsome and made up, however. Phew.

Though the premise behind Revolution is likely to excite sci-fi fans, it appears that the show might have a hard time avoiding the pitfall that has plagued other Abrams-produced  shows like Undercovers (now canceled), Alcatraz (canceled) and Person of Interest (renewed for next year): poor execution and a slow-as-molasses pace.

The acting is the Revolution trailer is pretty bad. Within minutes, the drama and intrigue has devolved into fairly typical themes. Team Jacob shows up at 2:12. Ugh. At 3:57, the show blatantly rips off one of the most iconic scenes from Lost. Double ugh.

If this show doesn’t fall victim to the things that have ruined previous Abrams shows, it could end up being pretty good. For now, it’s probably best to remain skeptical.

Revolution is set to air on Monday nights at 10:00 pm (following The Voice) starting this fall.

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  1. “The acting is the Revolution trailer is pretty bad.”

    Clearly, not as bad as your writing abilities.