Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg Angers Wall St. Bankers By Showing Up To A Meeting In A Hoodie

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is known for a few things: being a social media visionary, being socially awkward and wearing fleece tops. Somehow, however, bankers on Wall St. were unaware of this.

Zuckerberg recently showed up to a meeting with some Wall St. power players in his usual business attire: a hoodie. Reportedly, his business associates were none too pleased with Zuckerberg’s outfit and criticized him for what they saw as immaturity.

This ridiculously petty incident highlights the huge cultural gap that still exists between the good old boys of the financial industy and the “I won’t play by your rules” new media moguls.

What did the Wall St. bankers expect Zuckerberg to wear? He’s made a habit of making statements with his attire. He can certainly afford a stylist and a nice suit–probably the nicest suit on Wall St.–but part of what makes him who he is is his reluctance to submit to the norms of the business world. It’s that attitude that helped made Facebook a success in the first place, so expecting him to abandon that line of thought is more than a little foolish.

Ultimately, this incident serves to highlight just how far behind the cutting edge the Wall St. “power players” really are. These same men very well might have told Steve Jobs to take off his black turtleneck.

However, as Facebook pushes towards an IPO and a valuation that could approach $100 billion, it might behoove Zuckerberg to set aside his stubbornness and play the game a little. With billions of dollars of his own personal wealth at stake, surely he can survive for a day or two without his trusted, comfortable hoodies.

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