Kardashian Mom Tweets That She Sharted

We don’t cover the Kardashians much on Manolith, for the obvious reason that they are the worst people on the planet and it’s best not to give them the attention they need in order to live. This story couldn’t be resisted, though.

Last night, Kris Jenner, owner of the infamous womb that bore the Kardashian sisters, posted a series of tweets on her Twitter account in which she explained in detail how she sharted herself. Sharting, for the uninitiated, is when you fart and accidentally sh*t at the same time. Not the kind of thing celebrities usually make public, though I like to think that it happens more than you would think.

Here are the tweets, which are still up on her account for all to see:




To top it off, Jenner posted a photo of a pile of poop. Literally. That particular tweet was later deleted.

After the whole thing went down, Jenner claimed on Twitter that she was hacked. She didn’t delete any of the tweets at the time (other than the poop photo) and she still hasn’t. Just to clarify, she says her account was hacked, yet she maintained the ability to log in and post things. She hinted that her kids may have been behind the whole thing.

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  1. Kris Jenner was “Nausexposed.” That’s when you are revealed for the whore that you are and at the same time make others retch.