Beastie Boys Back In The Billboard Top 20 Following The Death Of Adam Yauch

As has been demonstrated time and time again in the music industry, death can be a good thing for album sales. At a time when the remaining members of the Beastie Boys are grieving the death of Adam Yauch, known as MCA, the group is experiencing unprecedented success in the album charts.

Currently, seven Beastie Boys albums are charting in the Billboard 200. The 1986 classic License to Ill is the highest at number 18. Other Beastie Boys albums on the charts right now include Paul’s Boutique (No. 56), Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 (No. 107), Ill Communication (No. 109), Check Your Head (No. 124) and The Sounds of Science (No. 141). The group’s greatest hits compilation, Solid Gold Hits, sits at No. 51.

Digital singles sales are also very strong, with the highest-charting song, “Brass Monkey,” registering over 15,000 downloads.

Sales are expected to be even higher in next week’s chart, as the current figures only include two days following the death of Yauch.

Yauch died of cancer at age 47.

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