Putting Toothpaste On Your Nipples, Or “Toothpasting,” Gets You High, Say Prankers

There’s a new drug craze sweeping the nation and it’s completely ridiculous–and completely fabricated.

According to rumors, “toothpasting” (or just “pasting”) is the act of getting high by putting toothpaste on your nipples. Pranksters at the infamous image board site 4chan came up with the story and they have been spreading it in hopes of creating a moral panic and getting it reported in the mainstream media.

The rumor started in a 4chan thread posted over the weekend. It urged users to go to a “respectable news website” and submit reports of this supposed “new drug craze.” A fairly convincing story was fabricated, stating that the titanium dioxide particles in toothpaste has been proven to affect spatial recognition in lab mice.

There are unconfirmed rumors that a radio station in Washington, DC, HOT 99.5, has taken the bait reported on the story, urging parents to monitor their children’s access to toothpaste. However, the story has yet to truly take off.

If you want to contribute to the prank, you can like the Facebook page called Protect Our Children From Household Drugs and learn how to spread the word about this pretend menace.

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35 Responses to Putting Toothpaste On Your Nipples, Or “Toothpasting,” Gets You High, Say Prankers

  1. Jenny Craig says:

    You have no idea what your talking about, toothpasting is serious business. I can’t believe your site would run this garbage without doing proper research

  2. James R. Ustle says:

    I have no idea what you are talking about. This shit is real and I am so pasted right now as I’m typing this.

  3. Alexander Johnson says:

    I can’t believe how ignorant and belligerent. Toothpasting is real and can be dangerous. People need to be aware!

  4. Dr. Gordon Freeman says:

    Actually according to research performed here at the University of South Carolina, this is a serious matter sir. I advise all readers to be wary of the complications induced by their children smearing dental paste directly on their nipples. The amount of abrasives and fluoride concentrated in the gel stimulates nerve endings of the papilla, triggering the release of several hormones and chemicals in the cerebellum and inducing mild to severe hallucinations.

  5. Apparently it’s true http://toothpastenipple.com

  6. Dick Hugh Phacov says:

    I think this type of misinformation is just part of the horrible drug dealers’ agenda.
    Toothpaste cigarettes are a DANGER for our CHILDREN, AND THEY SHOULD BE STOPPED!!!!!!112

  7. Dr. Rus O'jimmy says:

    Walgreen’s pharmacist told me that it’s got something to do with flouride getting into the bloodstream, inhibiting different chemicals in your brain. I was incredibly sceptical, so i bought the Colgate with the highest flouride concentration (1.32%) . I rubbed it on my nipple when my wife went to sleep, and i dont remember much after that. I got a cool feeling running through my body after about 6 or 7 minutes. I felt very euphoric, like i was time and space itself. Coolest thing i’ve ever tried.
    Walgreen’s pharmaceuticals, and

  8. Jacques Schtraap says:

    Pasting is a very serious situation. I have never felt more helpless in my life then when I discovered that my children were pasting.

  9. Mitchell Henderson says:

    My friend went to the hospital yesterday because of pasting. How dare you try to pretend like this isn’t an issue. If more kids read this article they’ll think there is no harm and try it. It’s a shame Colgate is paying writers like you to fabricate stories, when our children’s lives are in danger.

  10. howie feltersnatch says:

    Pasting was pretty popular in the mid 90’s….source: me in junior high.

  11. Brock Litke says:

    Cheap toothpastes that appear to come from foreign countries, specifically India, Afghanistan and such, have certain opiates in their ingredients. If one was to dab a generous amount onto their nipple and rub it into the skin, the toothpaste would eventually get onto the nerves and the opiates would travel to the brain receptors.

  12. michel m. jameison says:

    Have you people even DONE the proper research? I’ll admit that it does sound KINDA stupid, and even I didnt want to try it when my brother suggested it, but it is all too real. I found myself so cool and relaxed, it was like nothing ive ever tried before. get your facts straight before making stupid assumptions

  13. dsaa aaaaaadd says:


  14. dsaa aaaaaadd says:

    not real, just burns your nips

  15. As a long time paster, I am astounded that this is just recently making it into the mainstream media. Colgate over Crest, but if your feeling extra nippley Arm and Hammer’s buzz is second to none!

  16. Matthew Tuck says:

    Downplaying the risks of “pasting”, as the kinds now call it, is highly irresponsible and I advise you to remove this article promptly. AS with kids drinking cough medicines to get a DXM high, it`s not false just because it sounds ludicrous at first.

  17. Jimmy Rustle says:

    do not toothpasting without proper action

  18. Dr Richard S. says:

    Mr Woods,
    Unfortunately I am forced to vehemently disagree with the points you have raised in this article. We are currently in stage four of testing various samples of toothpaste and toothpaste related products, in order to deduce whether this substance should be regarded as a potential psychedelic based on the rate of incidence of hospitalised teens in the US alone this year. When first presented with this topic, we were just as skeptical as yourself, although there does appear to be a striking pattern emerging in the data.
    I am unable to disclose the exact specifications of this research due to a variety of privacy laws, however, I do strongly urge you to reconsider your argument against this case.

    Dr. Richard S.

  19. Toothpaste doesn’t contain any psychoactive substances in sufficient amounts to cause the feelings of lightheadedness or euphoria that users claim they experience. I’d point to the fact that most forums recommend brands with high concentrations of mint flavoring as indicative that the primary effect is a burning or cooling sensation on the nipple; suggesting the practice is more sexual in nature than anything else.

    What really worries me is that most forums contain recommendations about toothpasting while using hard drugs like alcohol or MDMA. The heightened skin sensitivity most users of ectasy experience would defenitely be synergistic with the burning/cooling sensation on the nipple. I assume toothpaste is used over other things since it takes longer to dry off, since a hit of ectasy can take several hours to pass.

  20. Having heard about this at school, I was rather skeptical about the “effects” of pasting. To see if it was true or not, I attempted it, with limited success. Just putting toothpaste on your nipples isn’t enough to provide a noticable drop in coordination or a euphoric “high”; applying duct tape over the paste speeds up the response. However, what I did was not smart, and it is VERY likely that “pasting” has adverse side effects; I was lucky, but I don’t plan on doing it ever again. Take my word for it though, IT WORKS.

  21. What kind of moron would try this?

  22. A Concerned Parent says:

    My son started pasting, and I didn’t realize until I found blood on his t-shirt around the nipple area (the paste caused enough irritation for him to bleed). He won’t stop! It’s gotten to the point where I have to keep the toothpaste hidden and supervise him while he brushes! I can’t believe that whatever high it gives could possibly be worth it.

  23. feels amzin

  24. Dr. T. R. Olen says:

    This is a real problem , I have patients recovering from this addiction as we speak .

  25. eehhhhlllllllllooooohhhhhhheeeeeelllllllll

    thats funny

  26. i like it like that!!! ohhhh yeahhhhhhhh 🙂

  27. Look it works. It might be placebo but it does infact give a light buzz. I am a stoner and smoke weed often and I felt a light buzz. Its hard to tell the trolls an real concerned people apart but it works. Try it, you wont regret.

  28. I can’t go a day without it. Amazing high

  29. It is expected that the small quantities of fluorides put into toothpaste can fluoridate the fatty acids present in almost all mammalian nipples, causing minute quantities of hydrofluoric acid to be released into the bloodstream. Normally HF is very toxic and bad for bones since it displaces calcium, but it is well established that low levels of HF over extended periods has proven to suppress nerve activity – hence the danger of HF acid burns since they are initially painless. This nerve suppression is believed to affect the brain, even in low concentrations, to produce a mild euphoria.

  30. Dr. Drospholyn says:

    I have tried this only to get cancer a week later.

  31. okay, so this is the first I’m hearing of any of this. & I’m totally trying it. Feels a little awkward at first but I must say, it makes me feel kind of giggly. Definitely interesting.