New Childish Gambino Leaks – “F*ck Your Blog” (LISTEN)

I’ve been a fan of Childish Gambino since the “I’m Just A Rapper” days. I’m one of those douchebags who thinks that “Camp” is a step backwards for the rapper also known as Donald Glover and not near the level he achieved on “Cul De Sac.”

Today, we have a leak of a brand-new Childish Gambino track to scrutize together. It’s called “F*ck Your Blog” and, according to Mr. Glover himself, it leaked before it was a finished product:

So, it’s not done, but everyone is listening regardless of this. Frankly, it might never get finished now that this version is out there. So, let’s take a listen along with everyone else:

I’m finding it pretty hard to get fully behind this one. The anti-blog concept is okay, I guess. The guest appearances by Flynt Flossy and Yung Humma (the guys who brought us the awful track “Lemme Smang It”) are weak as hell, though. I don’t really get that collaboration, unless Childish Gambino has far less penetration into the world of mainstream rap than his fans like to think and those guys are the biggest names he can pull for a guest spot.

Gambino’s verse is decent, but lacking the infectious punchlines he’s become known for. Fan reaction has been good, but it wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that Glover’s fanboys (and girls) aren’t exactly known for being objective about his work.

What are your thoughts on this track?

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