Harvard Baseball Team Dances In A Van To “Call Me Maybe”

This video of the Harvard baseball team dancing in a van to Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” is blowing up, but I’m not so sure it’s deserved. I guess it’s notable that these fine, young Harvard men would do something so goofy, but their choreography leaves an awful lot to be desired. Right-punch, left-punch, cross-punch. We get it. Mix it up a bit. You are men of Harvard, an institution that isn’t exactly known for half-assing it. Do something truly unique and memorable.

This video was posted on May 6th, mere days after the Harvard baseball team was eliminated from Ivy League title contention. The team finished a disappointing 12-30, so they won’t be taking their dance moves to the majors any time soon. At least they have their Harvard degrees to fall back on.

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