Former NFL Star Michael Strahan Is The Leading Candidate To Join Kelly Ripa As Permanent Co-Host

Regis Philbin retied from Live With Regis And Kelly last year, leaving Kelly Ripa to deal with a seemingly never-ending string of co-hosts (including names like Neil Patrick Harris, Alec Baldwin, Jerry Seinfeld and Seth Myers). Now, the string of temporary co-hosts is about to end.

According to a recent report, former NFL defensive end (and future Hall of Famer) Michael Strahan is the leading candidate for the job. The gossip site Hollywood Life quotes a source familiar with the situation who says “all bets are on Michael Strahan.”

“He’s funny, does well on camera and gets along really fabulously with Kelly,” the source added. “Michael is the top name that is seriously being thrown around right now.”

Stahan has guest-hosted previously and received accolades for his work. He’s known for his warm personality and quick wit. During his 15-year NFL career, all with the New York Giants, he played in 216 games and recorded 141.5 sacks. In the last game of his career, his Giants defeated the 18-0 New England Patriots to win Super Bowl XLII.

Other stars rumored to be under consideration for the position include Howie Mandel (former host of Deal or No Deal) and the singer Josh Groban.

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