All Of Lionel Messi’s Goals This Season (VIDEO)

Argentinian soccer superstar Lionel Messi scored four goals this past weekend, bringing his season total to a staggering 72. This number broke the old record, set way back in 1924-1925 by some guy named Archie Stark who played for a team called the Bethlehem Steel (seriously, Bethlehem! Did Jesus play center back?).

A clean, even 50 of Messi’s goals were scored in La Liga, the top soccer league in Spain. Somehow, his club team, Barcelona, didn’t even win the title in La Liga (Real Madrid took it away from Barca for the first time in four years).

Below, watch all of Messi’s 72 goals. Some are simply astounding and could only have been scored by a player with Messi’s talent. Others, well, I might even have been able to score a couple of them. Heck, if you notch 72 goals, at least a couple of them have to be gimmes.

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