Watch The Blackburn Chicken Run Onto The Field During A Soccer Game (VIDEO)

Blackburn Rovers is a soccer (football) club in England. They are so bad that they are about to be kicked out of their league. This is normal, though. The worst teams in the league get relegated down to a lower division.

Fans of Blackburn, of course, are not happy about this. Instead of watching their club compete against world-class competition like Manchester United and Chelsea, clubs featuring some of the biggest stars in the game, they will have to compete against smaller and far less glamorous teams.

To show their displeasure with the state of their team, Blackburn fans released a chicken onto the field (pitch) during today’s game against Wigan. The chicken was wearing a Blackburn flag and there has been some speculation that the whole thing was intended to embarrass the owners of Blackburn, who fans of the club don’t exactly love.

Video of the whole thing is below:

Eventually, the chicken was captured in the net and removed from the field.

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