Watch Bryce Harper Steal Home For Revenge After Getting Beaned (VIDEO)

Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels drilled Washington Nationals wunderkind Bryce Harper in the back with a 93-mph fastball during his first at-bat in last night’s game. After the game, Hamels was shockingly upfront about it, admiting that he was trying to bean the 19-year-old phenom.

Rather than getting upset about the play and losing his focus, Harper retained his composure and got his revenge in an awesome way. After advancing to third base on a Jayson Werth single, Harper accomplished one of the rarest feats in baseball: a steal of home.

Hamels allowed himself to get preoccupied with Werth’s leadoff at first and Harper saw his opportunity. Hamels tried to pick off Werth and Harper bolted for home, beating the throw from first baseman Layne Nix.

Here’s video of the incredible play:

The game yesterday was just Harper’s eighth in the big leagues–and his first on national television.

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