Star Wars Day! May The Fourth Be With You (VIDEO)

May the fourth be with you, I mean, may the force be with you…? No, I meant exactly what I said (the first time).

Friends, relax, that happy day is here at last: Star Wars Day, y’all! What better way to commemorate this national holiday then with a 90-track tribute to the iconic film franchise?

This galactic tune has been created by Nick McCaig with the blood, sweat, and tears of 300 hours of production time. Maybe we’re being a bit too dramatic? But yeah, he spent a lot of time on it. Although, autotuned to the max, it’s still a worthy rendition.

For guys who don’t know what this day is all about, it all started from a pun, as all wonderful things tend to do… Fans have commonly said this puny phrase on May 4, and it’s made its way into British parliament and German TV.

When Margaret Thatcher became UK’s first lady PM, an ad was placed in The London Evening News that said “May the Fourth Be with You, Maggie. Congratulations.” Also, during a German TV interview, George Lucas was asked to say the famous line, but it was lost in translation as “We shall be with you on May 4.”

So yeah, enjoy the day. Mayhaps, we can celebrate with a Star Wars marathon?

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