Does ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Have A Chance Against Heavyweights ‘The Avengers’ And ‘The Dark Knight Rises?’

The Amazing Spider-Man has always felt like a bit of a bad idea. After falling in love with Sam Raimi’s first two Spider-Man films (starring Tobey Maguire), movie audiences soured quickly on the franchise and the third film is considered to be a critical flop. Its most memorable scene is this piece of crap.

Rather than trying to right the ship or taking a break from the character, Sony decided to soldier ahead with a reboot directed by Marc Webb (500 Days of Summer) and starring Andrew Garfield (The Social Network). That’s right–they are telling the same old Spider-Man origin story that we all know yet another time.

As the story goes, Sony had no choice but to keep making Spider-Man films or it would lose its license to use the character. But do movie-goers actually want to see more Spider-Man? It doesn’t sound like anyone, least of all the studio behind this project, thinks The Amazing Spider-Man will be a success.

First of all, it’s sandwiched in the extremely unenviable position between The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises, two of the most anticipated superhero movies of all time. It would be difficult for a great film to find an audience in that spot, and it doesn’t sound like The Amazing Spider-Man is very great. According to a rumor, Sony execs have seen the film and they don’t like it. They have reportedly already dumped director Marc Webb for the sequel. Of course, that raises the question of why the heck Sony is moving forward with a sequel if they don’t think this film will succeed. Again, it comes back to license stuff.

What do you think? Are you excited about a reboot of the Spider-Man franchise?

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2 Responses to Does ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Have A Chance Against Heavyweights ‘The Avengers’ And ‘The Dark Knight Rises?’

  1. im pretty excited more for the fact that i disagree with you that, ” this is the same old origin story.” from the trailers i believe the story will be approached in a whole new way. the story seems arched toward his parents and how he didn’t get his powers by accident- everything sam ramies films weren’t about. not to mention a new love interest, his webs are artificial, and again from the trailer you see he is unmasked- mabye sending his identity strait to the public. all these little things realy separate amazing spiderman from the old franchise. as for the movie being stuck between the avengers and the dark night, i feel the success of this film will come from newer fans and many from the previous franchise who want to check it out.

  2. Yeah I just can’t be bothered. It’s too soon for a reboot and I just don’t like the cast. I’ll wait for the video.