Black Ops 2 Trailer Shows Us How Horrible The Future Will Be (VIDEO)

Call of Duty has done the past, over and over again. The franchise has done the present to death, too. There was only one direction to take Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, the sequel to the best-selling video game in American history (according to some statistics, at least), that would feel fresh. And you better believe the game went there.

In the just-released trailer for Black Ops 2, we get to see more than a hint of what the storyline for the game will be like. It’s set in the near future, where an unnamed enemy has managed to get hold of a heck of a lot of futuristic American military equipment and that enemy is using it to attack America on it’s own soil. Los Angeles, to be specific.

Take a look:

There’s also a horse. And, according to the head of Treyarch, the studio responsible for the game, there will be zombies.

Notably missing from the trailer and the comments coming out of Treyarch is any information about the Black Ops 2 multiplayer. Call of Duty games, of course, aren’t exactly known around the world for their single-player campaign modes. Because of this lack of information about what the multiplayer will look like, many gamers have been commenting on the trailer’s YouTube page that they are considering skipping this version of CoD.

“You know what? I’m BURNT OUT on shooters, especially Call of Duty,” said one commenter.

What do you think? Are you pumped about this game?

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  1. I’m that rare breed of gamer who ONLY plays campaigns, never online. The COD campaigns are indeed woefully short, bud *damn* they are a good time. I’ll be lining up for this one, for sure…