Kate Upton Dances The “Cat Daddy” In A Bikini (Extremely Jiggly Video)

Kate Upton Dances The “Cat Daddy” In A Bikini (Extremely Jiggly Video) Well, I think we can conclusively say that Kate Upton is, indeed, sexually attractive.

There’s no nudity in the video below, but it’s one of the more sexual things I’ve seen in a while. I suppose it’s technically safe for work because Upton’s huge breasts somehow defy logic and remain inside her miniscule bikini, but I wouldn’t recommend hitting play if there’s any chance that your boss is going to walk by. I’d also save it for later if you have any reason why you might need to stand up and reveal your crotch region to others in the next, say, 30 minutes. You might need some time to calm down.

Without further ado, here’s Kate Upton dancing the “cat daddy” on Terry TV (the YouTube channel of famous celebrity photographer Terry Richardson):

It’s crazy to think that Upton is still just 19 years old. It’s also crazy (gross might be the better word) to think that Terry Richardson is 46 and is known for having sex (often on camera) with some of the people he photographs.

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