Rich Eisen Loses It After The Jaguars Draft A Punter (VIDEO)

The NFL Draft now stretches over three days. The first round was in prime time on Thursday night, the second and third rounds were on Friday night and the rest of the draft (the rounds that don’t matter) were on Sunday. NFL Network covered the entire thing, so host Rich Eisen was on the air for a long, long time. He probably had very few breaks to run to the bathroom or grab some food, so it’s no surprise that he got a little loopy as we got deeper and deeper into the draft.

When the Jacksonville Jaguars used their third round pick on a punter, Eisen lost it. Punters, of course, reside at the bottom of the NFL position hierarchy and they are basically never drafted, let alone drafted in a round as early as the third. The punter in question’s name is Bryan Anger and he is a great punting prospect, but the Jaguars could easily have waited until the fifth or sixth round to select him, if not signed him as a free agent after the draft.

Check out Eisen’s hilarious response to the pick:

Even Anger didn’t think he would be drafted so high. “I was hopeful that I could get the chance to get picked up early, but I really had no clue,” he Anger. “I didn’t know they liked me that much.”

Since Anger was drafted so high, there will be significant pressure on him to emerge as a great player. In order to justify his high draft slot, he pretty much has to become the greatest punter to ever play the game. The player who is currently considered to be the best punter in football, Oakland’s Shane Lechler, was drafted in the fifth round.

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  1. Congrats to Cal grad Bryan Anger becoming the first punter to be drafted in the top 100 picks since 1995. That was amazing. Rich Eisen had exactly the correct reaction to that pick.