Paulina Gretzky Instagram Photos Cause A Stir (GALLERY)

Wayne Gretzky is the best hockey player who ever lived. He led the Edmonton Oilers to four Stanley Cups and was named the NHL’s MVP a staggering nine times. He retired as hockey’s all-time leading scorer and it’s unlikely anyone will ever break his record. In short, he absolutely earned his nickname, “The Great One.”

Wayne retired from hockey in 1999, but he had one more notable achievement still up his sleeve–his daughter, Paulina Gretzky. Though she flew under the radar for most of her life, the now 23-year-old has emerged and pretty much solidified herself as the hottest daughter-of-a-sports-star the world has ever seen. At the very least, she’s the most uninhibited.

Paulina first gained attention via her Twitter account, where she posted picture after picture of herself posing in very revealing clothing. After her account garnered some negative feedback (we imagine the clean-cut Wayne wasn’t exactly thrilled with it’s existence), she closed up shop and seemed to disappear forever. But forever didn’t last too long, as it turns out. Soon enough, Paulina had reopened her account and began Twittering again. Though she toned things down for a while, it seems that she just couldn’t resist posting revealing photos of herself forever.

Recently, Paulina has been posting some very revealing (some have said slutty) photos of herself on Instagram, the photo sharing service that Facebook just bought for a billion dollars. In some of Paulina’s Instagram photos, she is pretty much wearing tiny panties and spreading her legs as wide as possible. In others, she is wrestling in a bikini with girls and hanging on the arms of super douchey-looking guys. Don’t believe me? Take a look at some of these photos:

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85 Responses to Paulina Gretzky Instagram Photos Cause A Stir (GALLERY)

  1. Your Father must be very proud of you Paulina…lmao…

  2. What is with her upper lip? Is that liposuction gone bad? I’m talking face, here, perverts…

  3. The moron(s) she hanging with don’t look any more intelligent than she does when all is said and done anyway. Where’s Semenko when you need him I suppose?

  4. Gross. Absolutely gross. Ewwwwwww

  5. She has a bright future ahead of her. On TV! Title of show….” Spawn of the Great One. The Five Hole Series”

  6. “Sammy” will be kickin’ down that doucebag’s door any minute, lol!

  7. Not even classy! Not an ounce! Is she auditioning for a porn flick?? I saw pics of her in classy outfits and she was quite attractive but here she looks kind of like a skank!

  8. Who cares, let her party. Not a big deal, I have worse photos.

  9. so what just a person having fun…
    it’s not like the situation in syria

  10. It’s pretty sad when celebrities children have to do this shit for attention! Get a clue as this is something that you don’t want to be remembered for especially when you get older and have children of your own! Growup already! 😀

  11. Selfish, spoiled and disrespectful to her father.

  12. joe ferriolo says:

    kids will be kids we were there have fun i dont see anything wrong

  13. Daddy’s little girl turned into common street trash. How’d it happen Wayne?

  14. franc black says:

    Women’s Rights WOO HOO !!

    It’s either this, or hijab … take your pick.

  15. one word tart!!

  16. Girls just wanna have fun. It’s no big deal really.

  17. Where is the money coming from??? DADDY

  18. Like mother like daughter I guess. Poor Wayne.

  19. Pass the meth!

  20. How long until Wayne has Marty McSorely rough up the guy?

  21. Reminds me how Doug Gilmour got his start.

  22. The revenge of Doug Gilmour he is that douche in the picture.
    Thanks for taking that penalty Wayne.

  23. Les Commenting says:

    … rich peoples kids making movies of themselves,
    you know they don’t give a f*** about anybody else.

  24. C’mon Paulina, You were born with a silver spoon in your mouth. Don’t throw it all away. Get some class like your Dad!

  25. C’mon Paulina, You were born with a silver spoon in your mouth. Don’t throw it all away. Get some class! Crotch photos, really?

  26. Wayne’s old man must be freak’n

  27. she wouldn’t even be good in the porn industry. feel very sad for you Wayne, you were such a professional.

  28. “Slut” sells in Tinseltown.

  29. There’s always a place for a slut in Tinseltown.

  30. It could be worse. Lawrence Fishbourne’s daughter went full hardcore porn. Daddy was less than happy.

  31. That guy grabbing her ass should have a little respect for Wayne. Somebody should mcsorley him!

  32. Poor dear. She’s in dire need of attention – with that fug face, she’s got to rely on her body. WTF is up with her lips??

  33. The Great One’s legacy went from from 99 to 69!

  34. The only news here is that she is the daughter of a NHL over paid hockey player.

  35. Why do all these hollywood phonies want to act like they are on Jersey Shore.I would love to punch that cocky idiot with his 2 finger pump.The arogance of kids today makes me want to puke.

  36. Mommy would be proud !!, she posed in Playboy, yet daughter seems like suc a skank. The Goof with the stupid 2 finger gestures-is that cool??, he looks like a prison wannabee Lame Rap thug- LOSER!!!!

  37. id hit it like a foster child

  38. Joe Lucia says:

    Paulina are you crazy , you have great parents why do this to them , why ?

  39. @Ian : You are calling Wayne Gretzky “a NHL over paid hockey player”? He would be worth $20 Million a year these days.

    Paulina is clearly searching for attention, her parents are famous (well her dad is anyway) and her one brother is a rising baseball star. She has a nice body but she is Waynes Daughter so I can look but not leer.

  40. It’s okay to be young and have the freedom to express despite who the father is. There will be a time when she will grow out of it and become a women and take life seriously. Come-on folks don’t criticize so much , we were all young once too, and made choices that weren’t so great so ease up on her. Time will tell…let her have her fun !! just sayin.

  41. Wayne should just cut her out of the will! just saying

  42. big deal. looks like any kids spring break photos. besides, just using what her momma gave her. don’t look like there are any millionaires in the room however….

  43. ray chenier says:

    LOL, first sentence of this article is a joke… Here is some true journalism: Wayne gretzky, among the best players of all time in the NHL and second to at least Mario lemieux, a man that didn’t need protection and had a better ppg that wayne… Turns out his daughter is a chip off the old block. Mom has seen more sausage than an italian, acted like a sl*t and it managed to get her wayne. Wayne, a unconvicted criminal in his own right, has managed to escape fraud and gambling charges more than once. And after the phoenix bit, the world now knows he is a greedy sob with no class. best player in hockey… hahahahaha

  44. I think she has a future. She should learn form Paris and Kim and get on to the oooops how did it ever go public….porn video …. on the internet.

    It’s required family viewing at the Hiltons and Kardashians every Thanksgiving.

    as for Wayne, it doesn’t say a thing about him, it says alot about Paulina, when you don’t have talent do the next best thing, spread your legs, and or your butt cheeks.

  45. He shoots , he scores!

  46. Just a ho!

  47. Why should anyone care what she does? and I don’t see why people would think differently about Wayne.. wth.. folks your own kids are probably doing the same thing and you have no clue.

  48. Yeah, yeah. Mommy didn’t love you and daddy hit you all the time. Get over it!

  49. @Ian…the only one over paid is you…you don’t deserve the minimum wage salary your getting now.

    As for Paulina, I think its sad that any girl feels the need to post pictures like this…if you want to act that way…that’s your choice, but why do you feel the need to put pictures like this online…I feel for the parents…I would die if my daughters ever put pictures like so online.

  50. Thought u were hot. Then this. Your sloppy.