Paulina Gretzky Instagram Photos Cause A Stir (GALLERY)

Wayne Gretzky is the best hockey player who ever lived. He led the Edmonton Oilers to four Stanley Cups and was named the NHL’s MVP a staggering nine times. He retired as hockey’s all-time leading scorer and it’s unlikely anyone will ever break his record. In short, he absolutely earned his nickname, “The Great One.”

Wayne retired from hockey in 1999, but he had one more notable achievement still up his sleeve–his daughter, Paulina Gretzky. Though she flew under the radar for most of her life, the now 23-year-old has emerged and pretty much solidified herself as the hottest daughter-of-a-sports-star the world has ever seen. At the very least, she’s the most uninhibited.

Paulina first gained attention via her Twitter account, where she posted picture after picture of herself posing in very revealing clothing. After her account garnered some negative feedback (we imagine the clean-cut Wayne wasn’t exactly thrilled with it’s existence), she closed up shop and seemed to disappear forever. But forever didn’t last too long, as it turns out. Soon enough, Paulina had reopened her account and began Twittering again. Though she toned things down for a while, it seems that she just couldn’t resist posting revealing photos of herself forever.

Recently, Paulina has been posting some very revealing (some have said slutty) photos of herself on Instagram, the photo sharing service that Facebook just bought for a billion dollars. In some of Paulina’s Instagram photos, she is pretty much wearing tiny panties and spreading her legs as wide as possible. In others, she is wrestling in a bikini with girls and hanging on the arms of super douchey-looking guys. Don’t believe me? Take a look at some of these photos:

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  1. Chad Sexington says:

    It looks as though she has a lovely anus. Well done young lady, well done.

  2. Beautiful girl…I really like the spread shot…mmm

  3. eh…shes ok…nothing special

  4. Great body VERY sub-par face. She looks like a horse in her face.

    • I am a sad mom hearing you talk about this young girl so harshly, she is a young girl who may make many more mistakes before you are able to get your own lives. Then go tell your parents who you just slept with and it your self on twitter!!! I think not as no one would care about what you did including your parents, why because nobody no’s you!!! And to put her father and mother down is heart breaking, imagine how much they loved this child and her brothers and they are no different then your parent!! But rich and famous…her parents loved and still live this little girl as you speak

      • Rofo McTokey says:

        You grammar makes me sad. Also, I think she’s managed to disrespect herself more than someone pointing out that she has a smoking body and a less than smoking hot face.

      • I just wondered why such a concerned ‘mother’ is looking at this type of links, stories, whatever. If a girl has no self-respect as to post such pics is on her own head; she is a ‘public figure’ and as such she knows her actions will have reactions. The comments posted here are ‘normal’ for the type of pics she’s posting. If you don’t wanna read ‘negative’ things about this type of things i suggest it’d be best not to be ‘worrying’ about someone else’s life, specially those who obviously don’t worry about their own. Just saying.

  5. Those of us who seek the one and only true God can only pray that He brings Paulina to a right mind before her rebellious attitiude lands her in a life threatening situation. I’ve always enjoyed watching Wayne Gretzky play hockey, but now he needs to realize that there is even a “greater one” that he can call on, who can help with this heart breaking family situation.

  6. She is hot, but looks way to much like her old man. But with an back side like that who could say no. I’d even call her the great one.

  7. Oh welly, she seems to be getting alot of attention! who wouldn’t if you had a body and face like her’s. Wayne you did good buddy!

  8. Like mother ... like daughter says:

    Her mom was just the same lol ! Figures ! You got to love it !

  9. Paulina is gross, what a pig.

  10. Come on people she’s 23 years old and can make her own mind up without depending on daddys name.I cant see where any of the pics would offend me ,if she was my adult daughter of 23 —Get a life posters

    • You probably are the type who would tap your own daughter. That picture of her on the couch spread eagled should embarrass any father with an ounce of credibility!

      • What, on earth, does credibility has to do with that?? Any father would or should be concerned and probably embarrassed by that particular photo. IMHO.

  11. She need a steak sandwich. Or ease off the blow.

  12. i want some!

  13. Wayne sure could play hockey. He also partied like a hockey player.
    Daughter like father.

    • Excuse me, but don’t start rumors about Wayne Gretzky. I have a close friend from Edmonton who knows him personally, and I remember how he used to say that though the Oilers team got together after hockey games, he (Wayne Gretzky) wasa family man and he would stick around for five or so and go home. He didn’t party, so get your facts straight.

  14. You should see when she sets up in her office behind the net!

  15. Hockey Assassin says:

    When I’m scoring, I like to go FIVE hole on Gretzky.

  16. Looks like she scores more than her father

  17. Paulina, your being used in so many ways. If any of this bothers you when your sober, and you have to light up or drink just to continue the Party Girl Image then your not having the right fun, and your circle of friend…that post photos of you and their leaked out in the public, where many of people see, like you parents, your next employer, you ex friend who no longer wants to be associated with you anymore. The dmage has been done, but the good thing is…you can stop living this way, let the waters calm down. And think about your siblings who have to go through, thier days with..people, friends and lost friendships, teachers, employers that will see these photos, and they will sadly have not respect for them, because sadly…people JUDGE and Judge by association. You clearly. lost respect for yourself, long ago…and thats called losing Our Way. but anyone…Anyone can be found and live a life of great days, of laughter, love, and yes pain, But when your doing it to yourself….along with life being diluted with poor judgement, weed, drugs, and alcohal….you will see…only your embarrassment when you sober up first thing in the morning will be your reminder of poor choices. Please…for your own safety…sober up, and represent yourself, your siblings, even your parents in a Positive image, Gossip and lies are hard enough to over come daily, but when its the truth..thats really gotta hurt. Praying for you Little sister.

    • Please learn how to spell. It is very difficult concentrating on what your point is when I mentally have to correct your text.

  18. Young chicks these days pretty much act like stripper-slut-whore-lezbo-skanks. The only thing missing on her is massive tattoos! (Probably in the next set..) So what else is new?

  19. that guy is tommy lee!!

  20. I hope no one shows these to Wally!

  21. Who realy Care,s she wants do do what she wants ,with no permission,i know we have done a lot worse in our time ,i dont agree to plaster it on face book though,,any ways she will learn the hard way,and she is only embaris her self,wayne cant controll what others do say or think, ,,,Just saying

  22. Paul E. Butler says:

    We all should wake up to the fact that the world is becoming more sexual. That’s okay. This girl is just a kid having fun. If you are on here commenting there was something you liked. Paulina has a great look. I say flaunt it and get your game on. Usually those that have a negative response wish they could do it.

  23. Who cares what she does??? Why you all acting so concerned???

    She is a 23 year old woman. She knows what is good and bad at this age. And she is obviously doing it for the attention! So give it to her if you want, and say thank you if you like it! But don’t be bringing in this God talk, and all this “oh my what has she got into” horse crap! She’s just having fun!

    By the way… I’d tap that ass any day, any time. You go girl!