Watch Metta World Peace Transform Back Into Ron Artest In A Split Second

Plastering “World Peace” on the back of your jersey can only take you so far, it seems.

In a move that would have made Rod Artest proud, Metta World Peace drilled James Harden in the back of the head with an elbow and was ejected from yesterday’s NBA game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Oklahoma City Thunder. It was one of the dirtiest plays in recent memory.

World Peace dunked the ball and was clearly excited about his play. He celebrated briefly and then, seemingly without provocation, threw a high elbow directly at the head of Harden. It was clearly intentional.

Immediately after the elbow was thrown, both commentators started to call Word Peace by his old name, Ron Artest, and have to catch and correct themselves. Really, you can’t blame them. The elbow was classic Artest–that is to say that is was absolutely disgraceful.

Take a look:

Harden left the game following the incident and was later diagnosed with a concussion. World Peace now faces a suspension and it won’t be surprising it it is severe. There is already talk that he will miss the entire NBA playoffs.

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