Men Create Real Booby Traps In Public Park, Get Arrested (PHOTOS)

When I read this story, a small part of me wanted to shout about how awesome it is. Real, working booby traps! The little kid in me, who still loves the movie Home Alone, thinks that’s pretty damn neat.

Then I realized how creepy and wrong the whole thing is. Two grown men in Utah created a bunch of extremely dangerous booby traps in a public park where kids play. They rigged trip wires and balls with spikes and other very, very dangerous stuff and then just left it for someone unsuspecting to walk into. Thankfully, no one was hurt. There was potential for someone to be brutally maimed, though, and there just isn’t anything awesome about that. The men who set up the booby traps are named Benjamin Rutkowski and Kai Christensen and they confessed to setting everything up. Both men have been charged with reckless endangerment.

It’s too bad that the arrested men couldn’t have put their booby trap-making skills to better use. Doesn’t the army have a need for guys like these? Maybe not, but there has to be some way for them to make crazy booby traps for good rather than evil.

Below, you’ll see photos of some of the booby traps they created. As I did, you should try remind yourself that, no matter how awesome some of them look, they are not awesome.

The entrance to something called “The Fort,” an area where kids play:

Spiked ball hanging over the entrance to The Fort:

A tripline:

Spikes in the ground:

Another tripline:

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