FBI: Get Tested, Or Lose Your Internet Connection

Like the Internet? Sure you do. It lets you look at naked people and watch sports highlights. But if your computer is infected with a nasty type of malware, you might not be able to log on to the world wide web later this summer.

According to the FBI, about half a million computers are currently infected with malware called “DNSChanger”. First discovered in 2007, it infected millions of computers before being detected and shut down last year. The scam involved using the malware to re-direct Internet users through rogue servers, which could then send people to web sites the crooks behind the malware selected.

Those cybercriminals then got paid millions of dollars for directing traffic to certain websites.

Last year an FBI investigation led to the cybercriminals’ rogue servers being seized. However, because government officials and security experts believed that anyone infected with the malware would suddenly lose their Internet connection if the servers were to be shut down, they kept up the servers.

But the government’s patience (and money) is running out, so it intends to terminate the rogue servers once and for all this coming July. This means that anyone who is still infected with the DNSChanger malware will instantly lose their Internet connection.

Right now, security experts believe that approximately 450,000 computers are still infected with DNSChanger.

Thankfully, there’s a solution. If you’re worried you might have contracted DNSChanger malware in the last five years, you can visit the DNSChanger Working Group (DCWG) web site and get your system tested. (DCWG is the body that has been keeping up the crooks’ servers for the last year.)

So, if you think your systems is infected, visit www.dcwg.org and get tested. If DNSChanger is found on your computer, the DNSChanger Working Group can help you remove it.

But act soon — according to reports, DCWG will shut down those rogue servers on July 9.

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