Bob Beckel Drops F-Bomb Live On Fox News (WATCH)

Someone needs to tell this guy how television works. He’s sitting behind a desk in a studio. Lights are pointed at him, as are numerous cameras. Everyone is dressed up in suits and makeup. Fox News host Sean Hannity is sitting next to him, moderating a conversation argument about politics.

How the heck did he not know he was on the air?

Or, perhaps more fittingly, how the f*ck did he not know he was on the air?

The guy’s name is Bob Beckel and he’s a liberal pundit who appears reguarly on Fox News. He lost his temper during a taping of the show “The Five” and pretty much screamed a profane word, probably the worst one you could say on TV. When Hannity calls him out for it, Beckel refuses to apologize and makes it clear that he has no idea how television tapings work.

“We’re not on the air,” he repeatedly claims (while on the air).

Check it out:

Making this story even more awesome is the fact that this isn’t even the first time Beckel has cursed on the air:

This guy is the best!

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