Google Service to Offer 5GB Free Online Storage

According to a recent report, Google will soon offer an impressive 5GB of online/cloud storage at no cost. If the report is accurate, it could spell trouble for competitors like Dropbox.

The report comes to us from the technology blog The Next Web, which says that it recently acquired a leaked copy of Google’s announcement of the service. Called Google Drive, a total of 5GB of storage will be made available to all users out of the gate, though it’s possible more space will be provided to those willing to pay extra.

Right now, competitor Dropbox offers 2GB of cloud storage for free, with users desiring more space paying $9.99 for 50GB or $19.99 for 100GB on a per month basis.

For those unfamiliar with the term, “cloud” storage is simply space made available online for data. Users upload their information and can access it at any time from any computer with a login and password. Cloud storage is a valuable backup solution in a world where theft and hardware malfunction is an omnipresent threat.

This is by no means Google’s first foray into the cloud storage market. It currently offers web users a variety of programs via its Google Docs platform, which is essentially a free alternative to Microsoft’s popular Office software suite.

Some analysts believe that Google Docs — which allows users to create cloud-based spreadsheets, documents, presentations, and tables — could receive a substantial overhaul as part of the Google Drive launch.

Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon also offer no-charge cloud storage solutions through their programs SkyDrive, iCloud, and Cloud Drive.

It’s expected that Google Drive will be released any day now, though it’s possible the launch could be held back until this time next week. Insiders also expect that users of Windows, iOS, Android, and Mac will all get unique versions of the program.

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  1. Now I understand why dropbox doubled its referral rewards to 500MB per referee !

    BTW for those who don’t know the Ref’Around project (I’ve referred already 16 times for dropbox in less than 2 weeks) check this link :

    It looks quite recent (still in beta) but I’m already lovin’ it!!

  2. I use Iozeta for online backup and they offer unlimited online storage.