Rob Gronkowski Says He Would Have Sex With Tim Tebow To Take His Virginity

The tight end known by the one-word, one-syllable name Gronk lives by his own rules. After he played in the Super Bowl on a severely injured ankle and almost made an incredible catch on the last play of a game his team lost, Gronk didn’t slink back to his hotel room to drown his sorrows. Instead, he hit the clubs and was caught on video dancing the night away. In recent weeks, he’s made a series of juvenile but also kind of funny videos in which he campaigns to be on the cover of Madden 13.

Now, Gronk has taken his unique brand of meatheadedness to a new level. Appearing at some kind of Q&A, he was asked a question in the form of the classic game “marry-f*ck-kill.” Specifically, he was given the names Tim Tebow, Rex Ryan and Betty white and asked which of the three he would choose to marry, which he would choose to have sex with and which he would kill.

His answer may surprise you (although maybe not, if you read this post’s headline):

It’s a clever answer for sure, but it’s also the kind of answer that will draw a lot of attention. That might be what Gronk wants, but it’s not really what his team, the New England Patriots, typically wants. Head coach Bill Belichick is fiercely private and he has scolded players in the past for making jokes at their opponents’ expense. Just ask Wes Welker. The slot receiver make some wisecracks about New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan’s supposed foot fetish and it was only hours later that an red-faced Welker was publicly apologizing for embarrassing his team. You never want to give the other teams any “bulletin board material” if you’re a Patriot.

We have a feeling that Gronk will be getting called into coach Belichick’s office for a stern talking-to in the near future.

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