Is It Possible ‘The Three Stooges’ Isn’t The Worst Movie Ever?

Those who could stomach the one and a half minutes of the Three Stooges trailer were invariably left with the feeling that they had witnessed something historic. The trailer for the Farrelly brothers-directed film had every single terrible element that you would expect from the worst movie ever. For starters, the whole project is a remake/reboot of characters that are beloved and that do not translate to the modern world in any way. The actors in the film are all the second (or third) choice of the producers. The trailer was jam-packed with dumb gags, cheap-looking effects and even a joke that actually made you feel sorry for Snooki (of all people!). In short, the movie looked like a complete disaster. Go watch it if you haven’t seen it yet.

Now, the first reviews of the film are in and many critics are panning it. That said, there are actually some who don’t hate it. Go figure.

Though the Washington Post called the movie “imbecilic” and said that it blasts you with “relentless stupidity,” Entertainment Weekly actually gave it an A- grade. The venerable New York Times called it a “Critics Pick.”

Is it possible that the trailer was just really bad and that The Three Stooges isn’t the worst movie ever made? Are these critics crazy or does the film actually find a sweet spot between the classic slapstick of the Stooges and the modern references (like the Snooki gag) that audiences are used to?

Perhaps Drew McWeeny of HitFlix puts it best: “I’m not supposed to say anything nice about this film. That’s the message that has been sent loud and clear ever since the first trailer for the movie arrived online.” But, he adds, “I think it’s an admirable effort, and the one thing that is very clear is that the guys playing the Stooges, much like the guys behind the camera, have a genuine love of the real Moe Howard, Larry Fine, and Curly Howard, and what they’ve done here is in no danger of replacing or destroying their work.  Instead, it almost canonizes a form of humor that no one else is making these days, in a way that is very direct and even charming.”

I don’t think I’ll be brave enough to risk spending my money on a movie I expect to hate, but maybe it won’t be the flop that everyone expected. Although, flopping would kind of be appropriate, considering the subject matter.

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  1. The movie was really funny and a great way to relax with humor..nobody expects an Oscar for it…get the stick out of ur butt