New Dark Knight Rises Photos!

Entertainment Weekly’s summer movie preview issue features Christian Bale and Anne Hathaway on the cover in full Batman and Catwoman gear. Though the magazine has few, if any, notable new details about The Dark Knight Rises (the people behind the film are keeping all the important stuff under wraps), it does feature a bunch of new photos from the film.

The photos don’t really show us anything juicy that we haven’t seen before, but they do give a good look at all the characters. Bane (Tom Hardy), in particular, is on display here. In one photo, he’s standing on top of a vehicle that looks suspiciously like the Batmobile, only painted in camouflage, and holding up a photo of Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart). In another photo, he’s in a different costume and appears to be pulling off come kind of crime in a high-tech environment (maybe a stock exchange?).

There’s also a photo of Catwoman doing what appears to be the same thing her character has done in many of the comics–stealing. After all, Catwoman is supposed to be an expert cat burglar.

There’s also a photo of Batman holding a device that looks a lot like an iPad. Is he playing Angry Birds Space? Doubtful. The BatPad is probably some new and incredible invention from Lucious Fox (Morgan Freeman).

Take a look:

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