Joel McHale & Nintendo Team Up for Viral Video

Joel McHale, 40, will not have anything but the very best. The Community actor teamed up with Nintendo to promote the 3DS, and nothing will satisfy this funnyman but a viral video sensation. Cue sneezing panda, perfectly placed logos, and a bevy of hot half-naked chicks. Result: internet phenomenon glistening on the horizon.

This video comes just after the 3DS celebrated its one-year anniversary in North America. So far, 4.5 million units have been sold since its American release date of March 2011, outselling its DS predecessor. The handheld gaming console also allows users to take 3D pics and shoot 3D videos.

3D compatibilities without any 3D glasses?! C’mon, you had me at 3D. This feature didn’t prevent sluggish sales which forced Nintendo to cut the 3DS price from $249 to $169. The company reported major losses since the release of the device.

So, enter McHale. If McHale dressed as a Mushroom King doesn’t spike up sales, then what is the world coming to, I ask?

One more thing I wanna know: How the hell does someone beat Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels. It verges on impossible, people.

Watch the hilarious video below.

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