Warren Sapp Is Broke, Probably Out Of A Job

Warren Sapp, the retired defensive tackle who once dominated the NFL’s best offensive lineman, has been on quite a run lately. During the “bountygate” scandal involving the New Orleans Saints being punished for paying their players to injure opponents, Sapp took to Twitter to “out” former Saints tight end Jeremy Shockey as the snitch who turned the tide in the investigation. Shockey denied that he snitched and nothing else ever came of Sapp’s claims, apart from him being removed from his on-air role at NFL Network.

Now, it looks like Sapp is done as a television analyst for good. According to the guys at The Big Lead, the NFL Network hasn’t officially fired Sapp, but they won’t put him back on the air and they won’t renew his contract when it expires this summer.

Sapp was making a reported salary of $540,000 per year at his NFL Network gig and he made millions during his playing career. Those numbers make the last bit of Sapp news all the more shocking: he’s apparently bankrupt. According to TMZ, Sapp has filed for bankruptcy protection in the state of Florida. He allegely owes nearly $7 million to creditors and hundreds of thousands more to the mothers of his many children.

The sad story doesn’t end there, however. TMZ reports that Sapp has not only lost his fortune, he’s also lost his Super Bowl ring he won as a Tampa Bay Buccaneer and the National Championship ring he won as a Miami Hurricane. Perhaps those losses were convenient and Sapp is hiding certain assets from his creditors. Really, how does one simply lose an item like a Super Bowl ring?

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