The Marlins’ New Stadium Has A Bobblehead Museum, Women In Bikinis And A Mechanical Monstrosity (VIDEO)

The Miami Marlins made a lot of changes this offseason. First, they changed their name (they used to be the Florida Marlins). Next, they changed their uniforms (to these polarizing orange and black duds). After that, they changed their players (by bringing in high-priced free agents like Jose Reyes and Mark Buehrle). Now, they are unveiling the final piece of their transformation puzzle: their brand new stadium.

The brand new Marlins Park (no company wanted to shell out the money to have its name attached to this stadium, apparently) just opened for business and it’s attracting a lot of attention. Not so much for the baseball taking place on its green grass, but for the attractions it offers as diversions from America’s passtime.

Marlins Park has some pretty crazy features, starting with a large art installation (and that’s putting it very politely) in center field that stands 65 feet high, cost an estimated $2.5 million and looks like this every time the Marlins hit a home run:

If you found the home run feature to be tacky, you need to know that we’re just getting started. Marlins Park also features a backstop that is unlike any other in the majors (or anywhere on earth, really)–it’s an aquarium. Behind bulletproof glass is over 600 gallons of water and various tropical fish:

There’s also a bar, complete with DJ, and a swimming pool (stocked with women in bikinis, of course).

Capping off the tackiness with a flourish is the bobblehead museum. It featured nearly 600 bobblehead dolls, kept safe behind glass. Only in Florida, right?

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