Bone Pugz N Harmony Take The Music World By Storm

Wake up, wake up, wake uppppp.

Prepare your eyes and ears to take in the greatest thing on the Internet, if not in the entire world. This is the debut video from the hot new group Bone Pugz N Harmony and it is here to change everything. It features a bunch of pugs in gangta costumes and it is exactly as amazing as that description sounds.

Take a look:

The video comes to us from visionary director Abby Koocher (why oh why couldn’t her last name have been Poocher?!). Music fans might recognize is as a shot-for-shot recreation of the video for Bone Thugs-N-Harmony’s “1st of Tha Month.”

It’s going viral in a big way, you this is your chance to be the first of your friends to post it to Facebook and Twitter. By this time next week, grandmas around the globe will be forwarding it to all their relatives. Jump on the bandwagon while it’s still cool.

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One Response to Bone Pugz N Harmony Take The Music World By Storm

  1. I liked it better when Attack of the Show did it weeks ago.