Google’s Project Glass Looks Amazing And Will Make Everyone Want Google Glasses

We should all be wary about the increasing ability of major tech companies like Apple, Google and Facebook to see into the details of our everyday lives, right? We should protect our right to privacy and fight back against their monitoring of details that they have no right to know, correct?

For most, the answer to the questions above is yes… until said companies unveil yet another incredible product that everyone simply must have, that is. At that point, all our worries about how our privacy is slowly disappearing go out the window and we turn into rabid consumers demanding that our money be accepted in exchange for the newest thing.

In a video released today by Google, we got a look at such a thing. It doesn’t have a name yet, but it’s codenamed Project Glass and it is being called Google glasses by some. The glasses in the video aren’t actually glasses because they don’t have lenses. They actually look kind of dumb (okay… they look ridiculously dorky), but it’s easy to forget about that when you realize how many incredible features they offer.

In the video below, the guy wearing the glasses uses them to check the weather, communicate with friends, get directions, manage his calendary and pretty much everything else a modern smartphone can do. And he does it all without using his hands. Really cool. Check it out:

There’s no word on how soon these will be for sale, or even if they will ever actually hit the market. The hype is clearly sufficient for Google to continue developing them, though. People love the idea of augmented reality, despite the fact that it probably means way more car crashes and faces smacking poles.

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