Ubaldo Jimenez and Troy Tulowitzki Throw-Down After Elbow Hit (WATCH!)

Ubaldo Jimenez and Troy Tulowitzki continue their feud this Sunday at the Salt River Fields. Jimenez unloaded a pitch to Tulowitzki’s elbow in what Jim Tracy, manager of the Colorado Rockies, says was a “gutless act.” The former teammates have exchanged words in the past, and this particular incident seemed to be initiated by Jimenez being called “a chicken” by the Rockies shortstop all-star.

Jimenez claims that the pitch got away from him, but a video has been released that shows the Indians pitcher pounding his chest and walking toward Tulowitzki after the hit. Both benches emptied onto the field, but no punches were thrown.

Tracy believes the hit to be intentional and said “It’s (expletive). I watched exactly took place. I give our player all the credit in the world because he looked out at him and asked him what the (expletive) he was doing? And that’s exactly what I would have said to him. Now this guy starts marching down off the mound. And you don’t think there was some intent when we were warming up to pitch this afternoon’s game? That’s intent right there. That’s intent.” Tracy claims that the disgruntled Jimenez took out his frustrations on Tulowitzki, and notes the comments that the Indians pitcher had about a lack of contraction extension.

Tulowitzki responded by telling Jimenez to get over his frustrations and to move on. “He needs to put an end to this. Go pitch and help his team. Now his team is questioning him.”

In his player’s defense, manager Manny Acta said that  Jimenez’s pitches had been “pretty wild all day,” and it was “kind of late to be doing stuff like that.” Acta concluded that players storming the field was a natural one: “Manhood, man! Nobody wants to back down.”

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