Jerry Lee Lewis Marries His Caregiver, Who Is Also His Counsin’s Ex

If you need to take notes to keep the following information straight, we’ll understand.

Legendary rock star Jerry Lee Lewis, the man responsible for the song “Great Balls of Fire,” is married once again. It’s his seventh try at marriage. This time around, he decided to play it safe and marry the woman who is being paid to care for him.

Lewis is 76 years old now, so he’s running out of time if he wants to hit double-digits in marriage. It makes sense that he wouldn’t search too hard to find this wife. In fact, the woman he married, Judith Brown, is actually the ex-wife of one of Lewis’s cousins. That particular cousin, Rusty Brown, is the brother of the cousin (and minor!) who Lewis married back in 1957, Myra Gale Brown. Does anyone else get the impression that Jerry doesn’t spend a lot of time on dating sites and just proposes to whoever’s close to him at any given time?

This time around, there’s a 14-year age difference between Lewis and his new wife. That’s actually a bigger gap than there was when he married Myra Gale Brown, but that particular marriage was super creepy to a lot of people because Myra Gale Brown happened to be only 13 freakin’ years old. And, you know, a blood relative of Lewis.

Lewis and Myra Gale Brown divorced after only two years, following intense public criticism of the relationship. In many ways, his career never recovered.

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