Johnny Knox Pretty Much Got Snapped In Half

It wasn’t a good day for Chicago Bears wide receiver Johnny Knox yesterday. During his game against the Seattle Seahawks, Knox dove to recover a fumble and a huge defensive player collided with his upper body, bending Knox’s body in such a way that it looked like he would surely be paralyzed.

Knox was carted off the field on a stretched and rushed to hospital.

Knox reportedly has movement in his hands and feet, but he’s going in for surgery to stabilize his verterbrae (I have no idea what that means, but it doesn’t sound good). He will obviously be out for the remainder of the season and who knows how long after that. It’s possible his career is over.

It was by far the most gruesome injury in an NFL season that has seen quite a few bad injuries (like Packers tight end Andrew Quarless’ leg snapping in half). Take a look for yourself:

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