This Cat With Two Faces Is The Craziest Thing You’ll See Today (Watch)

It only makes sense that a cat with two faces would have two names, right? Frank and Louie (sometimes jokingly called Frankenlouie) is just one cat, but he has two faces. He’s also a world record holder.

Cats with the condition that Frank and Louie has are called Janus cats. They usually die within a few days of their birth. When Frank and Louie was just one day old, he was set to be euthanized. There was no hope for him to have a long life.

An employee at the clinic where Frank and Louie was going to be euthanized wanted to give him a chance, though. Marty Stevens is her name and she rescued Frank and Louie and took him home. 12 years later, he’s still going strong.

At age 12, Frank and Louie is officially listed with Guinness World Records as the longest-living cat with his condition. Most Janus cats suffer from problems like choking, but Frank and Louie doesn’t because he eats with only one of his two mouths.

Frank and Louie has two noses, which both work. He has three eyes, but he only sees out of the outer two. His middle eye remains open all the time, which is kind of creepy.

What does Frank and Louie think about his incredible life? He seems to think he’s just a regular cat. He’s friendly and likes going on walks and being around people.

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